Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Elements Of A Business Plan - 3812 Words

elements of a business plan and agree that regardless of the size or stage of development, companies use a business plan to improve their internal operations as well as to describe or market the business to outside investors â€Å" (Becherer, R. C., Helms, M. M. 2009. p.82). As someone wanting to open up a business this can be the key element as to who will be willing to invest in my business one day. In order to have a successful business opening and get the funds needed to ensure a business can operate on daily one has to be able to show how and why they need money. A business starts off as just an idea that one has, but once one can put their idea into action they can potentially turn it into a well thought out business plan. Executive†¦show more content†¦Having an in home daycare is just the start of where Leo Dot ‘s can go, having the potential to one day open up a couple of centers in different areas. General Company Description We are a new generation of in home daycares/ childcare. Leo Dot’s Angels daycare is not just your ordinary in-home daycare we our changing the way people look at in-home daycares. Leo and Dot’s Angeles is being established with the intention of showing parents that we are not just your average eight hour babysitter. We want to ensure that we stimulate the minds of young children from infancy to twelve years old. With our main focus being to ensure that we give our parents a sense of relief and security. Knowing, that when they drop their children off they are in a loving and safe environment. Assuring that they will see progress in their child year to year. We are creating a structured environment that will be similar to a regular school or childcare center, that helps to build on every child basic learning skills. Knowing that from the ages of infancy to five years old a child’s development is very important in being able to build their cognitive, social, emoti onal, gross motor, fine motor, speech and language skills. Which is an essential part of what Leo Dot’s Angels stands for. In order for us to ensure we can continue the development of the children in our care we have designed a curriculum tailored to fit the needs of each

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