Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Accommodation Management of Adina Apartment Samples for Students

Question: Write a report on Accommodation Management of Adina Apartment Hotel. Answer: Introduction Adina Apartment Hotel is a four-star hotel located in Melbourne that offers a big range of facilities and high-level design qualities depending on the needs and standards of guests, (Anon., n.d.). Hotel Staffing and Different Departments The executive hotel has employed many employees across various departments in the hotel. According to the theory discussed in class, there are eight main departments. They include Housekeeping, Front Office, Food and Beverage, Maintenance, Reservations, Sales, Revenue, and Finance. Headed by an Executive Housekeeper, the Housekeeping Department in Adina Apartment Hotel performs all the physical work associated with cleaning of the rooms and provision of room service amongst other services. The Front Office Department is the most perceptible department in a hotel. In Adina, the Front Office Department is made up of receptionists, switchboard operators and duty managers who take care of visitors correspondence. Since most of the bookings are cashless, this department does not handle a lot of cash as compared to other front office departments in other hotels. The Maintenance Manager in the Maintenance Department is responsible for fixing all physical issues in Adina Hotel such as faulty refrigerators or air conditioning systems. The Food and Beverage Department is the busiest department in the hotel characterized by early mornings and late nights. The Reservations Department, usually under the Front Office Department, is in charge of all bookings made by visitors planning to come to Adina Apartment Hotel. The Sales Department in this hotel is headed by the Sales Manager who chases customers to ensure the hotel is packed to capacity at all times. The Revenue Manager under the Revenue Department performs the data entry role in Adina Apartment Hotel. Finally, the Finance Department, through the Finance Manger of Adina, prepares budgets, takes care of payments received and those to be made. Room Rate Pricing and Revenue Management As discussed above, the Revenue Manager under the Revenue Department manages revenue of Adina Apartment Hotel. The manager is responsible for changing rates and setting strategies for the hotel based on various factors. However, the final decision is usually with the General Manager. The following are room rate prices of Adina Apartment Hotel as of April 2017: Studio Queen 139 AUD per night Premier Grand Two Bedroom 394 AUD per night Premier Three Bedroom 509 AUD per night Premier Grand Three Bedroom 569 AUD per night Organization Structure The structure of a company plays a big role in the achievement of its objectives, missions, and vision, (Cosh, 2012). The following is the organization structure of Adina Apartment Hotel: Guest Cycle This is a systematic way of directing front office functions. The cycle is divided into four parts with each phase having distinct objectives related to visitors services and accounting, (Blue, 2013). The first phase is Pre-arrival, followed by the arrival, occupancy and finally departure. The front Reservations Department makes reservations in Adina Apartment Hotel in the Pre-arrival stage. The arrival phase of the guest cycle includes registration, room assignment, issuing of keys and baggage handling. Adina Apartment Hotel has multilingual, well-mannered and efficient front office staff that ensures a good business relationship between the guest and the hotel is established. Adinas staff maximizing their guests satisfaction characterizes the occupancy stage so as to promote repeat visits. At check out, departure phase, Adinas Front Office staff analyzes information based on the visitors stay. Conclusion Based on reviews from Trip Advisor, Adina Apartment Hotel is a highly recommended hotel due to its helpful front desk, professional staff, clean and spacious rooms, good and affordable room service, and the presence of a fitness center and frees Wi-Fi speed amongst other things, (Anon., n.d.). However, the hotel should check on the noisy air conditioning systems, their tiny couches, and faulty refrigerators. Bibliography Anon., n.d. Adina Apartment Hotel Melbourne. [Online] Available at: https://www.tripadvisor.com [Accessed 26 April 2017]. Anon., n.d. Adina Apartment Hotels. [Online] Available at: https://www.adinahotels.com [Accessed 26 April 2017]. Blue, G.M., 2013. Hospitality language as professional skill. English for specific purposes, 22(1), pp.73-91. Cosh, A..a.H.A., 2012. Organization structure and innovation performance in different environments. Small Business Economics, 39(2), pp.301-17.

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