Monday, February 10, 2020

English home 6 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

English home 6 - Essay Example The government can decide how and where these young ones could be properly safeguarded during the day because their parents are busy at work and would like no hindrance at all as far as their work manifestations are related (Lamb, 1992). One should believe that the government has a clear cut role under such a setting because it is the government itself which can facilitate things as and when they come (Bower, 2000). The child day care centers would convince the parents that their young ones would be taken care of properly and that they do not have to worry at all. If the government wants, it can bring about some form of sanity within the related ranks and this will eventually ensure that the parents know that the government cares about them in the fact that these child day care centers have been formed which shall make their lives easier at the end of the day (Gormley Jr., 1995). However what seems as a missing link here is the fact that a number of parents are unaware of these child day care centers in the first place. Then again it is the responsibility of the government to make sure that the parents know how they can be assisted and what needs to be done to guarantee success in entirety (Moen, 1990). Since the working parents are essentially facilitating the work domains of the government itself, it is of paramount importance to know that these child day care centers are there to take care of the weaknesses which come about within the relationships that working parents do have with their children. However these strained relationships are not entirely of their own making and come up because there is the reality of work that has to be done by these parents (Henderson, 1995). Someone needs to take charge of these young ones and the child day care centers seem to be the perfect fit. If these are not present in the first place, it would be significant to realize that having them will solve quite a few problems which are there or might even crop up in the coming t imes. The gratification element comes in within the equation here as the working parents have to be given the rights that they richly deserve (Cohen, 2001). This is in the form of the child day care centers which should be opened up to take care of the problems that working parents might face in the coming times. The child day care centers exist to serve those working parents who are unable to take care of their children as and when required. However this does not give them the leeway to make use of these child day care centers even on weekly holidays and in vacations. The role of the government is an important one because it sets the exact manner under which success for the working parents could be envisaged and the same can be further bolstered with funding from the domains of the government for the long term success of the problem at hand (Auerbach, 1988). How this issue will be tackled is something that the government must address because it safeguards the rights and interests o f the commoners and especially the working class. The working parents are indeed no exception and should be given the room to exploit their skills and resources without thinking of their own family domains (Zinsmeister, 1998). All said and done, the role of the government will remain no matter what kinds of steps are taken within the building up of these child day

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